Sunday, July 15, 2012

Recipe: Cookie in a Cup

I've fallen a little behind on my blog posts this past week! Between my new work schedule, reading my new book, "The Dud Avocado," and cooking up a storm in the kitchen, I haven't had much time to sit down at my own computer. But as the weekend winds down, I want to share with you a little bitty recipe to "treat yo self!" before we all go back to the grind tomorrow.


This little treat is great for a ton reasons. First of all, it only takes 60 seconds in the microwave. Second, it's a single serving dessert that removes the temptation of over indulgence. And most importantly, it is one of the most delicious cookies you'll ever have. Seriously...Randall has literally asked me everyday for a week to make him one. Thankfully it doesn't take long at all AND there's hardly a mess to clean up after.

What You'll Need:
 2 tbsp. Chocolate Chips
1 tbsp. Brown Sugar
1 tbsp. White Sugar
1/4 cup of Flour
1 tbsp. Butter
1 Egg Yolk
Pinch of Salt
A couple drops of vanilla
Step 1
Melt butter and whisk it together with brown sugar, white sugar, egg yolk, and vanilla.

Step 2
 Add flour and salt, and mix together until well blended.

Step 3
 Stir in chocolate chips and pour mixture into a small bowl, mug or ramekin. Microwave for 60 seconds, and remove carefully because it will be hot!
*Note: Save a few chocolate chips to stick on top for a prettier cookie.*

Final Product

WARNING: Be prepared to make this over and over not only for others, but for yourself as well!

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