Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

 I don't typically do the whole "What I'm Loving Wednesday" posts because I much rather read Nicholl Vincent's posts about her fabulous new life in Miami while I stick to what I know! But this week I want to share all the wonderful adventures (big and small) that I've enjoyed, and the ones I'm looking forward to.

I'm loving that my nephews get to finally come home after being in NICU after almost two months!
You have to read my sister in-law's blog about their journey. These little boys are seriously miracle babies. After finding out the results from the pathology report, it's a huge blessing that they're alive today (and doing great!). Lennox was released yesterday, and Paxton will make his way home in about a week or so!


I'm loving that the papers for the condo will FINALLY be signed on Thursday!
I am beyond ready to start working on the remodeling process! I have saved so many ideas that Randall and I like on Pinterest, I almost feel lost before even starting. Randall is being the practical mind by searching for  major appliances, while I'm thinking more creatively about the decorating. We have made some headway though. Friday, we're driving out to Nashville to pick up our new washer/dryer combo, a few rugs, a wine cooler (possibly), and a few other little things we've ordered. 

Below are some of my favorite inspiration pins!

Randall isn't a huge fan of decorating with colors, so I have to find ways of steering him away from plain old black and gray. We both agree that this cream, gold, and gray color scheme is a good compromise for the bedroom!

 This is another possible color scheme compromise for the bedroom, or living room. I love the white and gray with the turquoise accents. Even this small amount of blue may take some convincing, but I know it'll look great! I'm also in love with the stripes on the wall, but Randall thinks it might be too much trouble. Has anyone had any experience with painting stripes?

Another example of the stripes I love that I'd like to see in the downstairs bathroom. We both agree on the color combo, but I'm still going to have to work to get those stripes!

This might be an easier alternative to the stripes. If I can at least get one wall painted with a stencil, or my beloved stripes, I'll be pleased!

I'm loving my new flavor of cupcakes I made for an order through Macon Bakin' Cupcakes: Lemon Sweet Tea!
What's better than lemon sweet tea on a hot summer day? This is a sweet tea cake with a lemon sweet tea flavored butter cream. It's delicious!

Tea and Cookies! 48 cupcake order filled with my side business, Macon Bakin' Cupcakes!

I'm loving these cheesecake filled strawberries I made for Randall last week!
 This dessert was one of the pins that convinced me to join Pinterest, and I finally got around to making them last week. If you haven't made these yet, you're seriously missing out. I cut off the ends to keep them from falling over, and I dipped the bottom in chocolate to keep the filling inside. Julia, a friend of mine on Facebook, suggested I dip the whole thing in chocolate next time. Why didn't I think of that?!

I'm loving the result of this milk of magnesia face mask!
I posted about my oily skin problem and how I started using this face mask here. After using it for a week, day and night, I've seen a dramatic difference!

 I own every single season of Gilmore Girls, and Rory has always been a character I've admired. I love her personality, intelligence, ambition, and her love for reading! This is list of all the books shown, or mentioned that Rory read throughout the series. I knew that girl loved to read, but I didn't realize there were so many books!

I must have this wine and reading bathroom caddy!
I don't even think I need to explain why this is a must have!

After seeing the entire series almost 5 times, Randall and I are still loving Arrested Development almost every night!
 It's crazy how we are still finding jokes we missed EVERY TIME we watch it. After being cancelled for years, I can't wait for Netflix to start producing new episodes!
 I can't get enough of Buster!

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  1. You are too sweet! I am drooling over here-every time you post anything you bake or cook. STOP!! but really, don't.