Monday, June 25, 2012

Recipe: The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

It may be more fitting to call this post "Assembling The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich" rather than a recipe. Regardless, this was better than any boring ole' sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit! I got this idea from a pin I had recently seen on Pinterest using hamburger meat. Since I didn't have any, I decided this was a great concept for a breakfast sandwich using sausage instead!

What You'll Need
Shredded Cheese
Waffles (Homemade is better. If only I had a waffle maker!)
Syrup (optional)

Step 1
Mix cheese into sausage.

Step 2
Roll sausage into a large ball and flatten. Unlike hamburger meat, sausage will stick to a wooden cutting board, so you can use wax paper or do it right on the cool, greased skillet. Make sure your sausage patty is wide and thick enough because it will shrink as you cook it.

Step 3
 Create a hole in the center of the patty using a cup, or small dip bowl (pictured above). Turn on stove to medium and allow the bottom to brown slightly. Make sure you don't turn the heat up too much because cooking eggs on too high of heat can make them rubbery.

Step 4
 Once the bottom has started to brown up a little, crack an egg into the hole in the center. Allow the sausage and egg to cook until the patty puffs up and browns on the sides. There's no need to season the egg because the juices of the sausage will flavor it perfectly.

Step 5
 Carefully flip the patty and allow the other side to cook for a few minutes.

Finished  Product

 Sandwiching the patty between two waffles and drizzling a little bit of syrup creates the perfect sweet and savory taste that your palate craves in the morning.  I already know Randall's going to want me to make these before our drive to Nashville on Wednesday! We're going to pick up a few new appliances for the condo!

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  1. christopher jonesJuly 4, 2012 at 11:40 AM

    god this looks amazing.
    great site btw