Sunday, May 27, 2012

Surgery Update: Cast Removal

This past Friday, Randall and I made our last trip back to Birmingham to finally have my cast removed.

Leaving for our early morning drive

Joanne brought me a Sugarees' cupcake before the trip!
(Read about how amazing Joanne is here and check out her beautiful garden)

It was one of the best cupcakes I've ever had!
Thank you!

This was our third time making the long drive (and we're very happy it should be our last!). Normally, it takes three and a half hours, and for previous appointments we've always made it at least 15 minutes early. But not this go around! We completely forgot about the Memorial Day traffic with everyone headed to the beach... It was beyond awful, not to mention torturing for someone with an OCD time issue. (This is not an exaggeration. I am so terrified of being late, I wake up close to every 15 minutes to look at the clock if I don't take my medicine.) 

We ended up being 45 minutes late! Needless to say, I was a little teary.  But everything ended up just fine. We called the office, and the staff was very understanding. The nurses and my doctor didn't even realize I was late when I started to apologize.

The removal of the cast was the only painful experience throughout the entire surgery process. Thankfully, it only lasted 10 seconds! It felt like someone was slowly removing a stubborn Band Aid from a tender, sore area. But what a relief to have it off! My nose will be swollen for quite a while, but it's very minor. Looking at me, you wouldn't be able to see it but I can definitely can feel it!

Goodbye Birmingham! We hope we won't be visiting you for a LONG time!

My favorite part of having my cast off? Being able to take a shower!

To celebrate the next morning, I took the longest shower of my life. It was so refreshing to wash my own hair and clean my face properly.  For anyone who is having surgery, or who has recently been injured and is unable to easily wash their face, you should look into Naked Bee's"Tissue Off" Facial Cleaner. It works wonders and is really simple to use when you need to avoid drenching your face.

Naked Bee's "Tissue Off" Facial Cleaner

Thank you to everyone who visited and/or sent me well wishes during my recovery! Especially to Randall who took such good care of me. I'm very lucky to have such an amazing man in my life!

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