Monday, May 21, 2012

Second Surgery Update

It's official, I have cabin fever.

Anyone else remember this from Muppet Treasure Island???
If you don't...  I'm sure you think I'm crazy for posting this picture...

I'm very lucky to be doing so well after surgery, but I am ready to get back to normal! To make things more difficult, Randall started his job as a summer associate today leaving me alone until 6 in the evening. 

However, I did receive a sweet text message from Susan, my brother Brent's wife this morning. They're coming to visit tomorrow evening to bring me some get well dinner.  Considering all they've been through themselves (Brent is recovery from phenomena, Susan recently delivered twins ahead of schedule ((you can check out their amazing journey here)), as well as taking care of my adorable one year old nephew, Conley, at the same time), it overwhelms me that they were thinking about me. Her gesture makes me realize just how important family is, and how I really need to start showing and expressing the same love and support they've shown me.
I stole this from Susan's blog. Isn't Conley a cutie!

I also got some relief tonight because I FINALLY convinced Randall to wash my hair. It's been almost a full week since my hair has been clean, and that feeling alone was worse than be coped up at home by myself! And Randall did a pretty good job considering he's only ever washed his own hair (he hasn't even bathed his dogs!). 
 The first rinse felt like heaven!

 I had to explain how to scrub the shampoo throughout my hair since it's just a bit longer than his!

Thank you, Randall for taking such good care of me! He didn't get soap in my eyes or anything!

Final product feels AMAZING
 I will never complain about having to wash my hair again. Friday can't come soon enough to get my splints/cast off!

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