Thursday, May 24, 2012

Part 2 to Surgery Update 3: Adventure to Momma Jo's!

Being stuck at home alone (the majority of the time) for a week is terrible. For the past two days, I've been well enough for short visits out into the world (who knew nose surgery could still make you feel exhausted one week out), but my vanity had me thinking I wouldn't dare it until my big gaudy cast would be removed. Leave it to Momma Jo to force me out of the apartment! And I'm ever so thankful she did!

My Second Mom, Joanne, and One of Her Babies

I highly recommend you read about how special Joanne is to me below. She's an amazing woman.  However, I know for some, it's a lot of writing. But you MUST see the beautiful pictures at the end before you go!

If you ever visited Borders before it closed, or if you've visited The Booksellers at Laurelwood in the past nine months or so, hopefully you've had the pleasure of running into Ms. Joanne. Word of her awesomeness as an employee at Borders was so popular, it led our owner to personally offer her a job when her store was under liquidation. If you're looking for a book recommendation, I highly advise you come into The Booksellers and personally ask for Joanne.

Not only is Joanne a master bookseller (I think she beats Mark for the title), she is one entertaining woman! While she helps you find the perfect book she'll have you cracking up and spilling your life story like you're talking to a best friend you've never met. And when you walk out of the store, you'll feel like you've known her your entire life.

Over the months that we've worked together, I've come to consider Joanne family.  If I have a problem, she's always there to give me her honest opinion and amazing advice without ever being judgmental. When I have exciting news, she's the first one to celebrate with her imaginary poms poms, as she likes to say! I tell her my secrets, my fears, everything. In fact, I can remember coming to from anesthesia, and one of the first things I told Randall was to text Joanne to tell her I was okay.  She has become a second mom to me, and I love her to death!

So of course it was Momma Jo who made me go out in public!

She picked me up and we went to breakfast at Perkins down the street. By the time we were done eating, I felt completely drained. I'm still confused as to why I don't have my energy level back to normal yet from freaking nose surgery. I was set on getting back home for a nap, but no!

Joanne's Adorable House

Cutest Mailbox I've Ever Seen!

Joanne kidnapped me again to see her garden, and it was magnificent! Beautiful flowers, colorful shrubs, adorable garden gnomes, tranquil water name it, she had it! The beauty of it all mixed with the perfect morning weather and great company made me feel incredible.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below. You may not appreciate them as much as me, but this place really kept my sanity in tact. While the incredible IMemphis blog (If you're a Memphian, you MUST follow this site here) recently posted 100 Places You Need to Go in Memphis, I wish you could all add Joanne's garden to the list. These pics don't do it justice!

I wish I could remember the names of these beauties, but between my meds and the state of awe I was in, it's not happening! If you recognize any, feel free to shout them out.


My favorite if you can't tell. I featured them again twice below!

Wondering if this could be a part of a wedding bouquet arrangement in the future. ;)

Love that soft blue!

Outdoor Decorations, Bird Baths, & More

One of My Favorites

This marble bird bath belonged to Joanne's mother. Isn't it precious!

Beautiful glass hummingbird feeder

My dad would love Joanne's little frogs.

Hey Joanne, did you know Mark's sleeping in your backyard??? (bookstore joke)

Overview of Joanne's Paradise 
(these pictures don't give the vastness and splendor of the garden justice)

Double Gate at the Entrance

Patio Area 1

Alternate View of the Patio
This adorable patio is complete with a tower air conditioner for the Memphis heat. I wish I could spend every morning here!

Entrance to the Garden

First View of the Garden

 Second View

Opposite Side Gate (breath taking!)

Second Patio Backed Up to the House

Another Perspective

Burial Site of One of Joanne's sweet

Trees and Other Plants

Banana Plant
(when spelling banana, I have to sing Gwen Stefani's Holla Back Girl...)

Thank you, Joanne for sharing this with me. Don't be surprised if you find me sitting on your patio early one morning!


  1. I love Joanne! So, so glad she made you feel better!

  2. Joanne's garden is magical! Those are peonies (the big blossoming blooms in the first flower picture), the ones with petals resembling fully open roses. Peonies are one of my favorites.
    That yellow frog is from the bookstore. She is constantly buying new little garden animals from the store. :)
    You know that gnome isn't Mark; its beard is way too clean.