Sunday, May 20, 2012


 ***CAUTION: this may not be the most well written blog due to the influence of medication***

Oh how I have missed blogging! Recently, I've been MIA due to some minor nose surgery (nothing life threatening). I'm happy to report that everything went well, and I will be returning to the doctor this coming Friday to have my splints taken off.
 Possibly the scariest part of my surgery was having the IV put in my wrist. Not a big needle fan over here!

This is my beauty shot. ;) Honestly, it looks a lot worse than how it actually feels.

I'm so thankful to have received so much support from my family and friends during this process. Especially from Randall. He's such a natural caretaker! He's been here for me night and day, waking up at 5 AM when I'm in pain, and making sure I take all my meds on time. Not to mention driving to Walgreens countless time to satisfy my craving for white cheddar popcorn! (Seriously, I've eaten three big bags already...) I'm one lucky girl!

I'm also very grateful to have had a visit from one of my best friends, Katherine! She brought me the most beautiful flowers and....CHEESE DIP! That girl knows the way to my heart I tell ya!

And a HUGE thank you for all the phone calls, texts, facebook messages, and emails from everyone else! I can't wait to get back to work and be able to visit with you all!

 I haven't been able to wash my hair since the surgery (this past Wednesday) and it is GROSS. I'm the type of girl that has to take a shower everyday, and it's killing me! I think Randall is afraid of breaking me because every time I mention him washing my hair over the sink he gets all nervous. But he's promised to try and somehow I'm going to try and get some picture because I'm sure it'll be hilarious.

If anyone has plans to go into surgery in the future, here are some over the counter vitamins and home remedies that have really enhanced my recovery process. ALWAYS check with your doctor to make sure these are okay for you first.

Arnica Montana
These tiny little pills are used to reduce swelling and bruising. I started using them a couple of days before surgery and have continued to take since then.  They are the tiniest little pills I've ever seen! You place them underneath your tongue and let them dissolve. When I came home after my operation, my mom was shocked I had so little bruising considering they had to break my nose is some places! I'm a firm believer that it was these little pills that did the trick! I couldn't find any of this at any local drugstore, but they do carry it at the Vitamin Shoppe.

 This is another vitamin that can't be found at your local Walgreens, but it's definitely worth the hunt.  Bromelain is an enzyme extracted from the stem and juices of pineapples. It helps boost your immune system and helps to fight inflammation from various injuries, including post surgeries. For the best results, I would recommend taking it two weeks before your scheduled operation. 
(Eating fresh pineapple before and after surgery works wonders as well!)

 Coming soon, I do have some local restaurants I was able to visit before my surgery that I'm looking forward to sharing with you all. Unfortunately my meds tend to knock me off my butt, but everyday I'm able to take less and less. Look for some reviews coming soon!

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