Thursday, May 24, 2012

Guest Blog: BOOKS! With Becca!

I am so excited to introduce one of my best friends, the lovely Becca (who can be seen on the right side of my blog as My Other Half), as she makes her debut guest blog! Because I've had many people mention that they're always looking for good book recommendations, and because my post, What (And Why) You Should Read After "The Hunger Games", is the second most read of my blog, I decided it was high time to include some more book reviews.

But I don't want to be the only voice in giving suggestions. I've worked (and still work) with some of the most avid readers out there. So aside from my own reviews, every now and then I'll be featuring guest posts from some of the experts, especially Becca (until I can convince her to do her own blog because she's an amazing writer!).

And now, enough of me and more Becca!


Okay folks, for my first attempt at this whole blogging thing I wanted to pick two books, a fiction and a non-fiction, that were not only great reads but that also represented myself and my interests in some way. That being said, my fiction pick is Christopher Moore’s latest novel entitled “Sacre Bleu”.

Sacre Bleu
By: Christopher Moore
Genre: Fiction

I picked this novel because I used to go to school for art history, and therefore obviously have a great interest in classic paintings and painters throughout time. This book deals primarily with famous impressionist painters such as van Gogh and Toulouse-Latrec, and features a good deal of impressionist paintings within the text.

I’d like to start by expressing my undying love for this cover. No but really, I want to blow it up and turn it into a poster. I love it, and the story inside the cover is just as good. 

As we all know, van Gogh met his end by shooting himself in a wheat field, then walking over a mile to a doctors house for help (obviously arriving too late). The author, Moore, could not reconcile the idea of a man shooting himself only to travel so far for help, so he came up with his own account of why such a thing might occur. The novel opens on van Gogh in his field being shot, rather than shooting himself. From there “Sacre Bleu” becomes part murder mystery, part comedy, part fantasy, and one hell of a good read. Fans of Christopher Moore, art, and good books will not be disappointed!

Right. One review down. For my non-fiction book I picked another recent bestseller, that book being Jonah Lehrer’s “Imagine”.

By: Jonah Lehrer
Genre: Nonfiction 

Yet another book with a fantastic cover! 

People can do such awesome things with paper. I picked this book because I am currently in school for industrial design, and this book is an excellent example of what industrial designers do. Mind you, “Imagine” has much more to offer than just a day in the life of an industrial designer, it is in fact a study on creativity. How creativity works, how we can maximize it, and what myths can be debunked? 

It follows a variety of creative people from bartenders to Bob Dylan to the man who created masking tape. The book strives to prove that there is no such thing as a “creative type” and instead offers ways to harness your creativity while explaining the science behind creativity and where it comes from. This book is truly fascinating, and I can think of no better read for a person with any interest whatsoever in the broad spectrum of human creativity.

Hmmm I think I like this blogging thing, it’s a great outlet for my natural constant flow of word vomit. Maybe next week I’ll share a recipe or two as well? We shall see, dear readers…


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